October 7, 2015


I know, I know... So many sad faces here. That's because I filmed the funeral scene today. I even cried for a bit; it's so sad to say goodbye to characters you've grown to like...

But look at Jacob, isn't he so freaking cool?!

And the whole cast for the funeral scene:

October 3, 2015

A peak on Ariana's story!

Wow. That is all I'm able to say now. My little project has turned into a serious one. For a movie Ariana's story would be too long, so I have decided to rather call it a series of machinimas. You can see it as a movie divided in who knows how many parts, or then a machinima series.

Thank you, everyone who has helped me during my journey with Ariana! I'm almost halfway through the story. All thanks go to you awesome people and my wonderful voice actress, SimsBerrry!

So, here's a peak on Ariana's story...



September 30, 2015

CHARACTERS' LINES (will be updated)

Here you will find the lines of each character in the movie. If you're interested in giving a life to a character, please contact me either on Simatography or on YouTube. This post will be updated as I figure out the rest of the lines.

Ariana, lead, Crown Princess of Praaven - ALL OF HER LINES ARE HERE!
Type of voice: bright, fragile, emotional, a bit high-pitched

I. (thinking, happy) "Three years have passed. I'm now at the age of eighteen. The three kind ladies let me stay here, and as a favor to them they asked me to take care of maintaining the house and the garden. -
Although I'm filled with feelings of gratitude and happiness, in my heart there is an empty corner. I may never get to see my father again: (sad, quiet) I pray every night that my only wish would come true. Even just for once."
II. (dreamy, in love) "My prince... I think I'm falling for you..."
III. (bitter, harsh) "Just as I was about to confess to him, he told me that he is already engaged to someone and can't see me anymore. I knew it, it was too good to be true... (regretful) My love was an illusion. I feel my heart being torn in pieces. -
(quiet, in pain) Eugene is a fool and a complete airhead. His kindsmen should all be imprisoned. Toying with a fragile maiden's heart! -
(crying, whispering) Will I ever be able to fall in love again?"

!! NEW !!
IV. (desperate, desolate) "Oh, how I wish that was all he had to say... Miss Fortune must love proving me wrong! (a short pause) -
(almost crying, trying to hold tears back) He told me the king is dead. The funeral was held a few days ago. From Eugene's honest expression of grief I saw he was not lying. Eugene... might be an airhead, but he still... has a heart of gold. -
(in pain) My heart is slowly dying of grief... The colors of life - I see nohting else but shapes so dark... I feel nothing but an empty corner where my soul was singing of happiness only yesterday... (quiet, emotionless) I have no reason to live anymore."

- - -

Citronelle, the evil stepmother - WILL BE UPDATED
Type of voice: harsh, loud, grandiloquent, mature (quite low)

I. (hopeful) "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?"
II. (desperate, almost crying) "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

- - -


More info of each character will be added, as well as more of their lines.

Ariana, lead, crown princess of Praaven

By nature Ariana is good, stubborn but still quite sensitive. She loves the outdoors and animals. She gets along well especially with birds. Ariana's imagination is versatile, she loves daydreaming. And she might also be a bit of a hopeless romantic; she falls immediately for Eugene, when she first meets him.

During the story she becomes more mature and serious, due to her father's death. She misses her life as a princess but enjoys her new life. By the end Ariana has lost her vulnerability and is now determined and concentrated instead. She becomes the strong woman she as always dreamed of being.

Citronelle, Ariana's stepmother, Queen of Praaven
By nature, Citronelle is far from Ariana. She is evil, deceitful and an experienced liar. The only thing she cares of is her dream of becoming the only monarch of Praaven. Citronelle enjoys harassing Ariana and fooling the king. She is also a witch, but no one except her daughter knows about it.
During the story Citronelle's obsession for the throne becomes intolerable. She uses all her time for plotting the king's death and her daughter's rising to power. By the end she does not regret what she has done, not even if she is punished.
William, Ariana's father, King of Praaven
William is a loving husband and father. He cares deeply for his loved ones and would do anything for them. His daughter is his happiness; she reminds him of his previous, now dead, wife Polina. William is so enchanted by Citronelle's beauty that he does not notice his family suffering.
When William's daughter goes missing, William loses his willingness to live. He is depressed and mournful. This leads to the annoyed Citronelle murdering him.
Margit, Citronelle's daughter
Margit is a snob, a slob and a bully. She wants to look pretty and follows her mother's path in making Ariana's life most painful. Margit seems not to be too intelligent, but when she realises her mother is not a good person, she slowly starts to change.
Though she has been shown as a bully, she has developed some caring feelings towards Ariana. When she learns her mother is serious about killing the king and the crown princess, she tries to keep her mother from doing that but fails. In the end she regrets what she has been and what she has done.
Eugene, Prince of Damaris (the neighboring kingdom)
Eugene is a flirtatious young lad, he has no sense of humor and, according to Ariana later on in the story, he is a complete airhead. Eugene cares for his looks and his dear horse, Sir Cadogan. He spends most of his free time riding around the kingdom. Unlike many noble young men, he is not interested in getting married to a princess in order to become a king.
Eugene has one good point, and that is he is honest. When he notices, too late, that Ariana has fallen for him, he tells Ariana that he is already engaged to someone. Later on he also helps to prove that Ariana is the right heir to the throne.
Jacob, the bodyguard of the royal family
In the beginning, what we know of Jacob is that he is willing to obey the royal family's will and that he is loyal to the king and his daughter. He also seems to have a slight crush on Ariana. When he is told to kill Ariana, he tells her to flee and find a safe place to hide in.
During the story he realises he likes Ariana a lot and that he misses her. He goes looking for Ariana and accidentally bumps into her in the townsquare. They get along well, and in the end they become a couple.
(Interesting facts: Jacob looks exactly like his father who has retired, and Jacob took his place as the boduguard. Jacob also has a twin brother, John.)

September 29, 2015

Ariana's story in short (will be updated)

Here you will find a shortened version of the storyline.

Ariana, Crown Princess of Praaven.

Ariana is the only child of her parents. Her mother died when she was only three years old. In the beginning of this story Ariana is a lively 12-year-old girl. She loves painting, reading books and playing in the castle's grounds with her nanny. Her happiness is interfered with her father, William, getting married to a cruel-looking noble lady named Citronelle. As Ariana says:

"As I'm nearing the age of a maiden, I will need a mother to guide me through my years of youth. I will also get a big sister to look after me. They will love me like a real family, Dad says. But - in my humble opinion - those two look nothing like that."

Citronelle and her daughter Margit begin to pick on poor Ariana. Ariana becomes depressed; her father is so lovey-dovey with his new wife that he doesn't notice his daughter suffering. Things won't get better when three years have passed. Ariana's stepsister wants to become the fairest lady in the kingdom, and Citronelle wants to get rid of the real royal family in order to become the only monarch.

Citronelle tells the kings bodyguard that he must kill princess Ariana and bring her heart to her. Saddened, the guard (named Jacob) takes Ariana to a distant place "to play". He attempts to kill the princess, but his good nature doesn't let him to do that. He tells Ariana about the queen's evil plan, and that she must flee. Ariana runs till she falls asleep.

She is found by three old peasant women Mina, Tina and Lina (they're triplets). The old ladies let Ariana stay with them. As a favor to them she takes care of cooking, tending the garden and cleaning the house meanwhile the old ladies are in town selling apples. Ariana misses her father but grows to love her new freedom. While swimming in the nearby river, she sees a mysterious young man riding by the shoreline.

***Three years pass; Ariana is now at the age of eighteen. She has become accustomed to the peasant life. One night, when she is walking home from the river, she encounters a young man standing by the road with his horse. It appears he is the mysterious boy from three years ago. Ariana spends the night with the boy, who presents himself as Eugene, the Prince of Damaris, the neighboring kingdom. Ariana starts to fall in love with the Prince. They meet frequently till the Prince says he can't see Ariana anymore; he's getting married. Ariana's heart is torn in pieces and she states that Eugene is a fool.

- - - *** Something will happen between the paragraphs. I still need to figure out what it is.

(A note for myself) I was thinking that after Ariana's father, the King, has been murdered, Ariana feels so down that the old ladies take her with them to the town square. And there the Guard and the Princess will meet and maybe Ariana tells where she lives now or something? And then the guard comes over sometime and comforts depressed Ariana? I was thinking of showing a bit of romantic interaction between them after Margit, the stepsister, has been crowned as the Queen.

And for the Ariana-falling-unconscious -part, I was considering of the Queen poisoning her with the classical poisoned apple, you know, like it was in Snow White. Maybe I can use that. And Ariana's poisoning must happen soon after the King has died. Then maybe Jacob will come over happily and see the old ladies trying to revive Ariana - this is where Jacob comes in and he must save the Princess. Yes, yes, this sounds like it! Jacob encounters some dangers, maybe even Lilyth the poltergeist (that refers to my previous machinimas).

Just as the coronation day dawns, Jacob is almost back in the old ladies' house, and Margit prepares for the coronation ceremony. Yeah, and when Margit is about to be crowned, Jacob and Ariana rush in the church! - - -

***Meanwhile Citronelle is preparing her daughter for becoming the queen. Margit doesn't want to be crowned as the queen; she has noticed that she is just a tool for her mother. Citronelle forces Margit to choose a fiancé from the princes presenting themselves. Margit takes a liking to Eugene, and it seems Eugene shares the same feelings for her. Citronelle murders the old and depressed king; the funeral is held.

From her magic mirror Citronelle learns that Ariana is still alive. She starts planning a witty way to kill her stepdaughter. Margit tries to cool her mother down; she regrets all the bad things she has done to her stepsister. Citronelle doesn't give up on her plan. Margit tells the guard, Jacob, that he has to go and find princess Ariana before Citronelle does. Jacob is still mourning over the banished princess. He brightens up and leaves immediately with Eugene; Margit prays that they will success. (May change)

- I haven't yet fully figured out the last scenes, but here they are nonetheless:

At some point Citronelle does find Ariana and does something bad to her (what, any suggestions?). That leads to Ariana falling unconscious and Citronelle fleeing as fast as she can. When she gets back to the city, the coronation ceremony starts.

Either Eugene or Jacob find the unconscious Ariana and realise today is the day for Margit to take the throne. Eugene/Jacob takes Ariana with him to the church where the ceremony is going on. Just as Margit is about to be crowned the queen, Jacob and his Brother rush in. They battle the guards and the queen, and Margit stops the ceremony immediately. She asks where the right heir to the throne is, and by that Ariana comes in fully recovered, furious but healthy. (I gotta figure out how Ariana is woken up. Ideas?)

Citronelle screams, "No!!", Ariana tells the confused guards to catch the fleeing Citronelle, and then the ceremony may continue. However, Ariana has grown to like her life as a peasant so much that she claims she will not take the throne, and that she announces Margit as the heir to the throne. Margit is crowned, later on she marries Eugene, Ariana looking a bit sad.

Eugene and Margit begin their live in the castle as the king and the queen, and Ariana retires to countryside (?). In the very end of the movie she realises Jacob has always been there for her, and that she loves him.